SMaRT participates @ Skills For The Future (Turin – Italy)

The SMaRT project is invited to the conference Skills for the Future: Managing transition in Turin, 21-22 November, 2018

Skills4Future is organized by the European Training Foundation, the EU Agency in charge of developing training and education in the EU neighbouring countries.

SMaRT key people will present the innovative training programme followed by the Early Stage Researchers.

For a video with the details about the MSCA projects presented at Experience Path of the Skills For The Future conference, one of them being SMaRT, visit the following link.

For even more details about the conference visit the event website.

Secondment at the Politecnico di Torino

SMaRT ESRs at Castello del Valentino. From left to right: Marko Horvat (ESR1, Politecnico di Torino), Ciaran Nash (ESR3, University of Oxford), and Roberto Nuca (ESR2, Optiflow Company)

The SMaRT ESRs have spent 3 months together at Politecnico di Torino. Support and availability by professors Luca Bruno and Luigi Preziosi have enabled ESRs to follow specially prepared courses on mathematical and numerical aspects of sand transport:

  1. Computational wind engineering;
  2. Mechanics of porous media.

During the period, ESRs have also followed a summer school “Understanding the Middle East”at Università di Torino in order to learn more about the culture of potential future clients.

SMaRT network meeting at Politecnico di Torino

The second SMaRT network meeting took place on

Tuesday 12th June 2018 (09h00 – 17h00)
at Politecnico di Torino,
Viale Mattioli, 39, 10125 Turin, Italy

The event was participated by all the beneficiaries  of the SMaRT consortium. Download the programme of the meeting.

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Secondment at the University of Oxford

Members of the SMaRT project at Brasenose College. From left to right: Ciaran Nash (ESR3, University of Oxford), Giles Wiggs (University of Oxford), Marko Horvat (ESR1, Politecnico di Torino) and Roberto Nuca (ESR2, Optiflow Company)

The SMaRT ESRs have spent 3 months at the University of Oxford. Thanks to the valuable support provided by Giles Wiggs and University staff, ESRs were able to deepen the knowledge about aeolian and geomorphological processes involved in the flow interactions of wind and sand. Besides the lectures on aeolian and fluvial processes (given from 16th January to 6th March), ESRs were able to follow “Sandscape” Seminars given by world’s finest experts in the area.

List of the Sandscape Seminars:
1. 1st February, “The Holocene sandscapes of the United Arab Emirates” by prof Adrian Parker from Oxford Brookes University;
2. 8th February, “New approaches to understanding dust sources processes: recent results from the Chihuahuan Desert” by Dr Rob Bryant from University of Sheffield;
3. 22nd February, “Lunette dunes of the Australian desert margins: new perspectives on hydrology and climate” by Dr Kathryn Fitzsimmons from Max Planck Institute, Germany;
4. 8th March, “It’s turbulent: new directions on sand transport by the wind” by Prof Andreas Baas from King’s College London.

SMaRT – ESRs’ second short secondment at ASTALDI in Algeria

SMaRT team at fieldwork in the desert. From left to right: Roberto Nuca (ESR2, Optiflow Company), Patrizio Politdori (Railways and Roads Design Manager, Astaldi Headquarters), Marko Horvat (ESR1, Politecnico di Torino), Ciaran Nash (ESR3, University of Oxford), Rabah Aoudia (Railway Expert, Astaldi Algeria)
 The SMaRT ESRs visited Astaldi company in Algeria from 19th  to 26th January 2018. Thanks to the valuable support provided by Astaldi, ESRs were able to assess condition of complete railway line stretching from Redjem Demouche to Mecheria. They were also able to visit the northern segment of the line from Mecheria to Bechar, at the gates of Sahara desert. This was a great opportunity to introduce ESRs to railways in arid areas, create a database on sand induced problems along a 140 km long railway line, strengthen the fruitful collaboration with Astaldi,  Partner Organization of the SMaRT project.


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SMaRT – ESRs’ first short secondment at ASTALDI Headquarters

The SMaRT ESRs attended the their first short secondment on

Monday 4th  – Thursday 7th December 2017
at Astaldi Headquarters
Via G.V. Bona, 65
Rome, Italy  

The secondment was participated by all the ESRs of the SMaRT consortium. It included the Technical Course Railway Body and Civil Works, given by Astaldi Engineers. Download the programme of the short secondment.