A SMaRT paper on the spotlight

Chris Baker, one of the most prominent specialists in train and railway aerodynamics worldwide, included the paper

M. Horvat, L. Bruno, S. Khris (2021) CWE study of wind flow around railways: Effects of embankment and track system on sand sedimentation, Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 208, 104476, 10.1016/j.jweia.2020.104476

among his top ten papers for the year 2021.

A great recognition for Marko Horvat, former SMaRT Early Stage Researcher and his co-authors!

Roberto Nuca (ESR2), completed his PhD

We are pleased to announce that Roberto Nuca, the ESR2 of the SMaRT team, successfully defended his PhD thesis on 13th of July 2021, titled A Windblown Sand Transport Model for Large-Scale Industrial Applications.

We would like to thank the jury for a very stimulating discussion, all the questions, and their interest in the topic of mathematical modeling of the windblown sand transport.

Marko Horvat (ESR1), completed his PhD

We are pleased to announce that Marko Horvat, the ESR1 of the SMaRT team, defended his PhD thesis on 28th of January 2021, titled Computational Wind Engineering Simulations for the Design of Sand Mitigation Measures around Railway Tracks, with the grade “excellent”. We would like to thank the jury for their immeasurable contribution to the thesis, for a very intriguing discussion, and their interest in the topic of sand mitigation.

Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics

Our papers published on Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics:
  • Windblown sand along railway infrastructures: A review of challenges and mitigation measures  ( click to download )
  •  Aerodynamic shape optimization of barriers for windblown sand mitigation using CFD analysis ( click to download )
are among the most downloaded papers of the journal in the last 90 days (respectively, at the 3rd and 15th place).
To take a look at more interesting articles, visit the web-site of the Journal.
Most Downloaded Articles: Journal of Wind Engineering & Industrial Aerodynamics Articles

Article on SMaRT project has been published in Railway Gazette International

An article about SMaRT has been published in the July issue of Railway Gazette International, the leading business journal for the global rail industry.  The article is dealing with how is SMaRT bringing together academics and suppliers to develop innovative sand mitigation measures based on the latest understanding of fluid mechanics, wind engineering and geomorphology. Particularly, the general procedure in terms of the work-packages (WP1, WP2 and WP3) is introduced that can guide railway developers, engineers, contractors, and operators towards the technical solutions most suited for each line and its specific environmental conditions.

We would like to thank the Journal for the opportunity to disseminate the research activities of the project. The full article can be accessed on the Railway Gazette International web-page.

SMaRT participates @ Skills For The Future (Turin – Italy)

The SMaRT project is invited to the conference Skills for the Future: Managing transition in Turin, 21-22 November, 2018

Skills4Future is organized by the European Training Foundation, the EU Agency in charge of developing training and education in the EU neighbouring countries.

SMaRT key people will present the innovative training programme followed by the Early Stage Researchers.

For a video with the details about the MSCA projects presented at Experience Path of the Skills For The Future conference, one of them being SMaRT, visit the following link.

For even more details about the conference visit the event website.