My name is Ciaran Nash and I was born in the United Kingdom in 1992

Current Education Level

I currently hold a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Geography (2015) and a Master of Science in Environmental Sciences (2016), both from Trinity College, Dublin. My previous research has focused sand dune distribution and dynamics on Earth and Mars. At Bachelor’s level, I completed a dissertation focusing on the distribution of cryo-aeolian dune features in the southern hemisphere of Mars. While my Master’s thesis concentrated on internal moisture and salinity dynamics in coastal dunes on the west coast of Ireland.

My Future Research

My field of research is aeolian geomorphology which is concerned with the action of the wind as an agent of landscape and environmental change. I am currently working on the SMaRT Work Package 3 (WP3), which is focusing on the assessment of sand hazards to desert railways and the field testing of new mitigation measures. My research activities will include developing new, and improving existing, methods of sand hazard assessment; assessing the aerodynamics of sand-laden wind flow over railways in the field; and the examination of a new sand mitigation measure in the field.